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Click here to download your RETAIL HUB Overview (pdf, 421k)



RETAIL HUB provides a one-stop information portal for your centre's retailer information.  Contact a retailer with a single tap.

Retailer Content Integration


Integrate the freshest contrent from your retailer's own websites and social media sites.  App content is automatically kept up to date and relevant.

Shopper Engagement


Keep shoppers using the app with the Spin & Win game.  App users can win discounts and prizes from your retailers.  Generate additional business for your retailers with Spin & Win.

Easy to Use


RETAIL HUB is designed for all levels of app user ... from baby boomers to millenials.  

Easy to Manage


Changes to the app are easily made using the web-based content management system.  A new retailer can be set up on the app in 5 minutes. 





The mobile app for shopping centres and retail precincts.

Receive Immediate Feedback


Provide a simple, effective feedback channel for your shoppers.   Receive immediate feedback and help your retailers build better, more profitable businesses.

For more information, simply send us your contact details by clicking here.


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