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Real-time mobile technology and game-playing boosts patronage during quiet times

Good restaurants are always busy Friday and Saturday nights, and most lunch hours. But even great restaurants have quiet times ... holidays, mid-week, pre- and post- lunch, Sundays in the CBD. The traditional challenge has been to boost customer patronage during these quiet periods. The new challenge is to do so in real-time based upon actual customer utilisation. There's no point in running a promotional campaign to fill your venue if it is already full.

One high-end restaurant group in Hong Kong has worked with velocity>mobile to address these challenges. The result ... the Spin & Win mobile platform. Using Spin & Win, Castelo Restaurants are able to give immediate-action, time-based incentives for customers to eat at their restaurants. Their app platform also provides full restaurant menus, specials and mobile booking.

Castelo Restaurants are also using their mobile app platform to do joint promotions with their food and beverage suppliers. A weekend joint promotion with their wine supplier brought in new business for both the restaurants and the supplier.

Innovative approaches underpinned by real-time mobile technology are generating new business opportunities across the entire supply chain.

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